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JavaScript and onClick functions can be added to a web page so users can interact with our players using text and/or thumbnail links in the page (i.e. not in the Flash player). This sample shows how to load new media items, jump to a specific item in the current playlist (e.g. using "id" and "name" attributes in the XML), and pause/play the current media file (can be expanded to support other playback controls).

To enable javascript interactivity in your own web pages: Use the link below to download the sample html file, which includes the the javascript (in the header) and onClick (in the body) functions that you will need to add to your own web document. The onClick functions can be used with text links, images, and form elements. If you are using a custom player created with Flash CS4/5 or the Skin Wizard you will need to modify/replace the embed code in the sample html.

:: Download Sample HTML
:: JavaScript Tutorial

External Javascript Thumbnail Links - Click To Load
Departed 3:10 To Yuma Inconvenient Truth Ghost Rider Smokin Aces
External Javascript Text Link
Click Here To Load XML
Click Here To Jump To XML Item: "id=2"
Click Here To Jump To XML Item: "name=Beck"
Load Your Own Video or Query the Current Video
External Javascript Controls


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