The ESA HD Media Player has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale or download. This page will remain active in support of existing customers.
Skin Wizard Samples:

These samples show how the ESA HD Media Player can be customized using our online Skin Wizard. Click the link for each sample to load those settings into the Skin Wizard, and then press the "Preview Player & Embed Code" button to see the player in action.

:: Options Galore: Showing playlist, share tools, captions, bandwidth detection, bit rate selectors, repeat/shuffle buttons, etc.

:: Dark Color Scheme: Dark color scheme with round buttons.

:: Light Color Scheme: Light color scheme with square buttons.

:: Music Jukebox: Loads a series of audio streams with playlist, controller, and title display.

:: Banner Rotator: Loads a series of clickable banner images with Google Analytics tracking enabled.

:: Slideshow: Loads a series of images with playlist, controls, and title display.

:: Standalone: Loads a single video with no controls (works great with external JavaScript Media Loading and Controls).

Flash CS4/5 Skin Samples:

These samples show how the ESA HD Media Player can be customized using Flash CS4/5 with over 500 configuration options plus a comprehensive AS3-API. These skins are included in the V.4 Developer and Flash Pro packages.

:: Simple Skin: Simple skin with autohiding controls, autoresizing, fullscreen, and integrated Facebook and Twitter sharing.

:: Media Grid Skin: Custom layout with large thumbnails organized below the player in a grid layout.

:: Zoom Skin: Custom layout that switches between standard aspect (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) when the playlist button is pressed.

:: Phantom Skin: Sleek design with hidden controls/playlist and autoresizing scripts.

:: Titanium Skin: Custom layout with wide scrreen and visible playlist.

Implementation Samples (default skin):

These samples show how the ESA HD Media Player can be implemented in a page to meet specific design requirements.

:: JavaScript Media Loading and Controls: Interacting with external text links, thumbnails, and form elements (in the html)

:: Embedding with SWFObject: Player embedded using SWFObject v2.2, Express Install, and HTML5 Fallback to reach everyone.


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