:: HD Media Player :: Embed with SWFObject 2.2, Express Install, and HTML5 Fallback

Here we embed the default HD Media Player using SWFObject v2.2, which uses a javascript file (swfobject.js; static publishing method) to detect the Flash Player version. If the user doesn't have Flash Player 10, the Express Install application (expressInstall.swf) will try to update their Flash Player (please note: in most browsers you will have to close/reopen your browser to complete the installation). If the Flash Player detection fails, the script will attempt to load alternate audio/video content using the default HTML5 player as a fallback. This robust embed approach ensures that users will see your content whether they are working on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device including iPad and iPhone. This approach also helps browsers index your content, so it is highly recommended.

To use SWFObject, Express Install, and HTML5 Fallback in your own web pages: Use the link below to download the sample package, which includes the expressInstall.swf and swfobject.js files that you will need to upload to your server. Also included is a sample html file with the javascript functions(in the header) and embed code (in the body) that you will need to add to your own web document. If you are using a custom player created with Flash CS4/5 or the Skin Wizard you will need to modify the embed code to work with your custom player (e.g. you must use the exact syntax defined in the example, but you can modify the swf path, flashvars, height/width attributes, alternate content, etc.).

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