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The ESA HD Media Player supports any Flash Media Server 3/4 (FMS, FMIS, Influxis, Akamai, VitalStream, etc.), Red5, and Wowza. If you are loading media files that are hosted on one of these server types you must use the following syntax to reference your files.



H264/AAC – MP4, MOV, M4A, M4V, F4V, 3GP, 3G2:

Live Streams:
Live rtmp streams can be loaded into the player just like pre-recorded videos, but you may want to reduce the buffer time to 1 second using the “mediaBuffer” parameter in the MediaPlayer’s Component Inspector.

Regarding Protocols and Ports:
You can use any of the available rtmp protocols (rtmp, rtmpe, rtmps, rtmpt, rtmpte) and ports (1935, 443, 80).

Regarding Instances:
If you have “instances” in your rtmp path you should also check the “Instance” variable in the Skin Wizard, or the “mediaSourceInstance” parameter in the MediaPlayer’s Component Inspector, or if you’re using the XML playlist, you can use the “instance” attribute in the <item> container at the top of the xml (xml settings override Skin Wizard and Component Inspector settings). This setting helps the player parse your rtmp path so it can connect to your server and play your stream. If the first instance in your rtmp path is part of the application, use the “application” setting; if the first instance is part of the stream name, use the “stream” setting. Below are examples of rtmp paths with instances (i.e. if your path contains more than one folder, you are using instances):



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