• 14 May 2010
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The web is buzzing about HTML5, which is a new set of web standards being developed by WHATWG. The HTML5 standard includes many new features including tags for audio, video, and graphics elements, putting it in direct competition with Flash technology. While Flash offers a lot of practical and interactive benefits over HTML5, its primary advantage is broad support (works for 95% of web users).  By comparison, HTML5 is not widely used at this time, since it isn’t compatible with many browsers and platforms (only works for 20% of web users). However, HTML5 is supported by a small (but growing) portion of the web browsing market that does not support Flash, which includes mobile devices like iPhone and iPad (less than 5% of web users). We expect these compatibility issues to be resolved over time, meaning all mobile devices will eventually support Flash, and all browsers and platforms will eventually support HTML5, making both technologies ubiquitous. Of course we don’t know how long it will take for this goal to be realized, so in the meantime we have developed an easy solution that uses HTML5 content as a fallback if Flash Player detection fails for any reason. This ensures that your content will reach the entire web browsing market.

Read Our SWFObject, Express Install, and HTML5 Fallback Tutorial

Click Here To See A Working SWFObject, Express Install, and HTML5 Sample


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