:: Support :: Additional Examples for the Banner Rotator v.3

Each of these examples utilize the Banner Rotator v.3 package, and they show how our Banner Rotator component can be customized to meet various needs.

:: Dynamic XML playlist (FlashVars) - 120 x 600 pixel layout
- Shows how to pass the path for a XML playlist into the compiled Banner Rotator component using FlashVars

:: Custom Skin - 468 x 60 pixel layout
- Example of the Banner Rotator component with custom skinning elements

:: Google Analytics Tracking - 250 x 250 pixel layout
- Shows how to utilize the tracking feature to track banner impressions and clicks using Google Analytics

:: Banner Captions - 420 x 200 pixel layout
- Shows how to utilize the caption text field feature (caption text specified in the XML, text styles specified via CSS)


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