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This example shows that it is possible to disable the previous and next buttons, volume controls, playlist, and image to create a player with minimal space and bandwidth usage (8 kb SWF). This example utilizes a MP3 player component (140x24 pixels) with play, pause, and progress controls (green color scheme); as well as play position and duration text. FlashVars in the embed scripts are used to specify the path to the single MP3 that is loaded upon pageload.

  1. Using your Flash 8/CS3/CS4 authoring software, open an existing FLA that includes the MP3 component, or install the MXP and open a new document and add the MP3 component to the stage.

  2. If the playlist is visible on the stage you can select it and delete it.

  3. Select the MP3 component on the stage and open the Component Inspector to view a list of configurable parameters, which you can use to disable features like the Track Image, Track Title, Previous and Next Buttons, and Volume Controls. You can also alter the colors of the button symbols and slider tracks using parameters in the Component Inspector (note: text colors colors are modified using the textstyles.css file).

  4. You can also adjust the width and location of the component using the Properties Inspector.

  5. You can delete or modify any existing graphics on the stage (e.g. border), and you can use the various tools within Flash to create custom graphical skinning elements (e.g. custom background and logo).

  6. You should change the color of the background and resize it to fit all of the objects on the stage (note: the background color of the SWF can also be set using "bgcolor" parameters in the embed scripts).

  7. Once you are finished modifying the FLA you should save your project, publish or export a network ready SWF, and embed it in your webpge.

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